Budget Friendly Home Finds - Neutral Edition!

I love me some on sale, budget friendly, marked down - whatever you want to call it - everything, but especially home finds. Here's some items I either already have or am adding to my home, all in a neutral palette so they'll mesh nicely together. I love working with neutrals but mixing up the textures to add some dimension and flavor - if not - it can feel very sterile. The bonus? All of these items are $100 or less!

Home Decor Finds

1. I have this rattan coffee table and I love it! It's currently in our living room, but eventually I'll use it in our sun porch or even outdoors (though I would take it in if it rained as it's indoor use only I believe). We have a tray on top so it's even and easy to put things on!

2. Accessory boxes are a great way to hide clutter but making storage look pretty - so anytime I see these little boxes I have to get them. You can use them anywhere - on a shelf in your living room, in a TV console, in your bathroom - they're perfect!

3. These white textured pillows are great all year round - and are easy to mix with other pieces because of the color.

4. This ivory accent pillow feels like it's from anthropologie - but for half the price! I'll be putting this in one of our guest bedrooms on a comfy chair for a little pop!

5. This Candle holder matches perfectly with our dining room vibe - so I love it for a dining room table scape, or it would look beautiful on a mantle. My plan is to get two but maybe put a book or a little stool under one to give it some height and add dimension to the pair!

6. Can one ever have too many baskets? I love these small baskets for our bathroom - I have this to hold wash cloths but you could also add toilet paper and put it on the back of your toilet. 

7. This deeper Basket is great for holding pillows or blankets - we have a similar one next to our couch in the family room and it's great for storage but also great to throw the pillows on top of when I'm cleaning or we're lounging, that way the pillows don't go on the floor!

8. Styling shelves is one of my favorite things to do - so anytime I see a piece that can be hung on the wall I have to have it because it's an easy way to dress up a wall without a typical piece of art. This rattan and woven Shelf is so pretty in itself - adding a simple bud vase or two and a candle would make it simple but bring any wall to life!

9. These little gray wooden trays  are great for console tables or a mantle - adding some decorative moss or even wicker spheres would be a decorative way to dress them up, but you can even use them to throw your keys and sunglasses in when you walk in the door!

10. The pouf trend seems to not be going anywhere - and this white textured pouf is under $50 - I think it would look great as a pair at the foot of a bed or by a coffee table! These would also be adorable in a nursery!

11. A little decorative wall piece is fun to dress up a space - and that's exactly what I plan on using this little wall decor piece for in my office where I have made a little nook under a window with a window seat, some comfy pillows and a little hanging light. 

12. I LOVE these white rattan side tables - so much that I'm ordering two! They're so affordable and I love the white. I have a few places in mind where I would put them - so once they arrive, I'll try them out and decide where they'll live! :)

Hope you love this round up as much as I do - nothing better than a clean, fresh look to bring you into a new year!