On {Every Day} We Wear Pink

StephieChic x Object Rare Pink Top

Back on my work from home and zoom call fashion grind, I'm sharing this adorable top I just bought from Object Rare - which is now my new favorite site! It's so versatile because of the special front and back detailing (we'll get into that in a few ;)), and pairs nicely with so many different pieces of jewelry! I'm showing you 4 of my favorite ways to style some of our earrings with a simple top. Whether you have something similar in style or just want different ideas for an upcoming zoom call, we've got you covered!

OK let's first talk about this top...

Object Rare Pink Top

Let's be honest, I'm wearing Nike shorts on the bottom while I sit at my desk - but no one from work has to know ;) This top is perfect for video calls - it's professional with the sleeve & collar, the color POPS, and it's a solid - all important details when looking for your next Zoom-look. 

But what I love about this top is it's a bit of a 'business in the front, party in the back' style! The open back, tied at the bottom with a bow, makes this piece even more special - and a great transition piece. You could easily pair this with a cute pair of high-waisted pants, jean shorts, black skinny jeans - you name it, this shirt can do it! (We believe it in that much ;) )

Pink Object Rare Top

Pink Object Rare Top with Open Back

In addition to the shirt style and color, you can also pair it with soooo many different earring styles! Statement earrings, small pieces, hoops, color, no color - I could have gone on and on with earrings but kept it simple and narrowed it down to 4.

Kristin Flower Earrings

StephieChic White Flower Earrings

These are an all time favorite (and best seller), because they really do look good on everyone!! I have yet to see someone who has put these babies on and thought "nah, not for me". They're also a great option for brides - which we've done in the past - but they're not one of those bridal earrings that you'll buy for your wedding day and then never wear again. You can literally wear these on a zoom call. Or the grocery story (anything goes these days).

The Betty Hoop

StephieChic Pearl Gold Hoop

These 2.5" gold hoops are lined with delicate pearls - which as we know - never go out of style. I love hoops with this shirt. I also love the more feminine touch these earrings add with the pearl and pink combo, but they still have a trendy vibe with the hoop size and the open back. 

The Carey Earring

StephieChic Colorful Statement Earrings

My heart.. these earrings. I feel like these are the opitime of statement earring, ya know? Bright colors, bold look, big, textured, SEQUINS - come on. These are great because they have so many colors, so you can wear them with a number of items from your closet. They're also easy to throw on with something simple/more casual, and complete the LEWK.

Jenna Huggie

StephieChic Gold Huggie Delicate Gold Earrings

I wanted to go hard on the styling of these earrings with this shirt - but contained myself :) I could totally see this piece being layered with 3-5 gold necklaces and these huggies - for a super trendy look. A pair of high-waisted jean shorts and some white sneaks - we die.

You know over here at StephieChic we love pink. And we also love finding unique pieces - which is why we have a new found love with Object Rare! Hope you guys take a look at their site and find some pieces you love, too.