StephieChic Charity Collection

Each month, we'll be highlighting a charity or a cause to give back to through a piece, or pieces of, jewelry.  When you purchase from our StephieChic Collection, 50% of the proceeds of the piece will go directly to the charity or cause we're supporting that month. If you're interested in nominating a charity close to you, or if you'd like us to support a fundraising effort, please send us an email at for further details.


For the month of March we'll be supporting High Socks for Hope, a 5013c non-profit started by MLB relief pitcher David Robertson and his wife Erin, that strives to create long-term relief for natural disaster victims and homeless veterans. Our ultimate goal is to bring people home by providing them with the necessary tools to reestablish their lives.

High Socks for Hope was created when in 2011, one of the costliest tornadoes on U.S. record hit David Robertson’s hometown of Tuscaloosa, AL and its surrounding communities. Its path of destruction covered over 80 miles long killing 64 people, including six students from David’s alma mater, The University of Alabama.

The Robertsons learned firsthand about the ripple effects of natural disaster: the difficulty locating loved ones, the loss of friends, family and physical mementos, and the overwhelming burden of starting anew. This perspective and their personal ties to the affected area served as motivation for creating High Socks for Hope.

With the purchase of each piece from our charity collection, proceeds will be donated back to High Socks for Hope so they can continue to support those who are need. Donations are used for household items to literally rebuild those who have lost everything - from every day needs like food and supplies to furniture and and beds - things we often take for granted and don't realize how lucky we are to have them until they're taken from us. Thank you for your support!


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