Jewelry Care

Please consider the following recommendations when caring for your StephieChic jewelry. 

  • Make sure your hands are free of lotions, make up and other chemicals before handling the jewelry.
  • DO NOT apply hairspray, make up, perfumes while while gold plated jewelry.
  • DO NOT swim in chlorine and or salt water pools while wearing gold plated jewelry.
  • Remove any rings or bracelets while preparing acidic foods.
  • Remove gold plated pieces before showering and or exercising. Sweating can cause damage to the gold. 
  • Store your gold plated jewelry in a cool environment and or on a scratch free surface.
  • You should always remove your jewelry when you sleep! Prior to a good sleep session, take it off!

We use lead and nickel compliant metal but our jewelry is not real gold or silver. Some pieces are 14k or 18k gold dipped and/or 925 silver - that will be noted in the product description.

For any questions on care, always feel free to email us at💗