StephieChic Charity Collection: Colin's Joy Project Word Bracelets

StephieChic Charity Collection: Colin's Joy Project Word Bracelets

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Each month, we'll be highlighting a charity or a cause to give back to through a piece, or pieces of, jewelry.  When you purchase from our StephieChic Collection, 50% of the proceeds from each piece will go directly to the charity or cause we're supporting that month. 


For December we'll be supporting Colin's Joy Project, a non-profit organization that was created after the McGrath's tragically lost their son, Colin, in a car accident right before his third birthday. After the incident occurred, friends, family and complete strangers reached out wanting to show their support and inquired about how they could help. The McGrath's created Colin's Joy Project with the intent to continue to weave joy into the lives of others as Colin did.

They've partnered with The Boston Foundation and together their goal is to create joy for children and families in their community. "Through the enhancement of play spaces and funding of family-focused programming in the South Boston area, our hope is to see Colin’s smile reflected in their joyful faces…"

I lived in South Boston at the time and will never forget the day of the accident, and the days, weeks, and months following it. As Colin's Joy Project states on their website, "

the uprising of kindness we experienced in the wake of his death was comforting and moving. Family, friends, and complete strangers rallied together to lift up our family and we were inspired to honor his spirit by creating a legacy of JOY in his name." Blue bows lined the streets of South Boston, where the community mourned such a tragic loss, a sweet boy taken too soon. We are honored to be able to support some of the programs that Colin loved so much through December's charity collection.

This piece: gold word bracelets, "JOY" and "COLINS JOY", on a stretch cord. *Bracelets sold separately*.